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Local government plays a defining role in developing and approving plans that shape our city’s future. Consequently, it is imperative that the community’s voice is heard in the process. Strong local leadership begins with an engaged, empowered community which holds leaders accountable as important decisions are made.

City Council Districts & Representatives

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Council Members

District One Councilmember
F. Gary White, Jr.

District Two Councilmember
Kevin Shealy

District Three Councilmember
James Lewis, Jr

District Four Councilmember
Robert M. Mitchell

District Five Councilmember
Marvin D. Wagner

District Six Councilmember
William Dudley Gregorie

District Seven Councilmember
Perry K. Waring 

District Eight  Councilmember
Michael S. Seekings

District Nine Councilmember
A. Peter Shahid, Jr.

District Ten Councilmember
Harry Griffin

District Eleven Councilmember
William A. Moody, Jr.

District Twelve Councilmember
Carol Jackson