Carolopolis Awards

At its core, the Carolopolis Award seeks to promote excellence in historic preservation. After sixty-three years and more than 1,400 awards given, it has become as much a part of the fabric of the city as the buildings and structures it honors. Today, Charleston is a much different city than the one of 1953 when the Preservation Society awarded its first Carolopolis. The demands of preservation in Charleston have expanded, and with it, so too has the Carolopolis Award program.

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Carolopolis Awards
Carolopolis Awards

Award Categories

Carolopolis – Exterior

Awarded for exceptional exterior rehabilitation, restoration, or preservation.

Carolopolis – Interior

This is the first interior preservation award in Charleston. Many of the city’s buildings have been protected on the exterior while their interiors are gutted and irreparably damaged. This award recognizes excellence in interior preservation of historic, publicly accessible buildings such as houses of worship and civic and cultural buildings.

Carolopolis – New Construction

This award is meant to bring focus to creative design solutions for small-scale, compatible infill buildings in historic contexts.

Pro Merito

Awarded to properties that received a Carolopolis at least twenty years ago and have maintained a high standard of continuous preservation or have undergone a second, significant exterior rehabilitation, restoration, or preservation effort.

If your project fits any of the above descriptions, follow the link below to the nomination form to review eligibility criteria.

Carolopolis Award Nomination Form

Interested in preserving, rehabilitating, or restoring your historic property? Not sure where to begin? Click the link below for a few pointers.

How to Win a Carolopolis

If your Carolopolis or Pro Merito Award plaque has been lost, stolen, or damaged, replacement plaques are available through the Preservation Society of Charleston. Contact Robert Gurley at 843.722.4630 x18 or for more information.